Avid Flex

Avid Flex offers flexible property solutions to our clients, headed up by David G, Avid Flex advise and source on all aspects of the Flex Office and Coworking markets. With a wealth of office experience we work with our clients to provide a bespoke solution to fit each of our clients needs. Independent and Impartial we work with the entire Flex Space Market and most importantly for our clients we do not charge fees for our service.

For all property enquiries please use: [email protected]

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Avid Investments

Avid Investments focuses on all areas of Real Estate creating value and opportunity for our diverse client base. We work alongside clients on all of their commercial, residential and industrial investment opportunities in the UK and across the world.

For all investment enquiries please use: [email protected]

Avid Virtual

Our Virtual Real Estate arm (metaverse) headed up by David O is powered by Nasdaq listed Virbela (EXP) and we are ecstatic to be the only domestic enterprise sales partner. Post Covid, working from home/working from anywhere (WFH/WFA) has become part of company strategies and an important part of how we will work going forward as we learn to adapt and change to the new world, with the Metaverse becoming a key factor in the future of Team working and work towards ESG targets.

For all virtual enquiries please use [email protected] Download Leaflet

Avid EV

Powering developments, smartly, simply & sustainably – Avid EV (Electric Vehicle) specialises in providing the perfect charging solutions to suit any property development regardless of size. We manage the entire EV installation project bringing simplicity, huge cost savings and expert knowledge in the EV market.

For all EV enquiries please use: [email protected]

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