About Avid Partnership

The Avid Partnership was founded on the belief that the world of work is changing and so are business’ office needs. There are three pillars to Avid: virtual real estate, physical flexible property and investments. Avid Virtual, our virtual real estate arm is led by David Okin and is powered by Virbela, we are ecstatic to be one of their official enterprise sales partners. Avid Property offers flexible property solutions to our clients and is led by David Garson. Avid Investments focuses on all areas of Real Estate creating value and opportunity for our diverse client base.

About the team

David Garson – Co-Founder

David Garson (LinkedIn)

David G has worked in the flexible office market for several years where he has primarily helped enterprise and high growth companies develop office strategies that can adapt with their businesses. Post covid, this has changed to tailor made hybrid working solutions, with his expertise in virtual worlds (the metaverse) combined with his knowledge and passion of the Global flexible office market and understand of how ESG is going to become an important factor in how we chose to work going forward. 

A graduate in Urban Development & Policy, David G went straight into Investment Banking, primarily for Merrill Lynch (13 years) advising European institutional investors on North American Equities. Returning to his property roots several years later and developing his enterprise relationships as Global Head of Sales, before partnering with David Okin to create the Avid Partnership

With a passion for football, both playing and watching. His indoctrination of his children has so far proved fairly successful with two of the three joining him as season ticket holders at QPR. He also enjoys mentoring, loves to cook, going to gigs, walking the family dog (Eddie the Tibetan Terrier) and plays a lot of pool (still teaching Eddie).

David Okin – Co-Founder

David Okin (LinkedIn)

With a career in the property industry spanning four decades, predominantly running one of London’s well-known Estate Agents. David O continues to live and breathe property.

David O has extensive knowledge of virtual working office worlds (The Metaverse) and combined with his extensive property knowledge and expertise helps him to find clients bespoke hybrid working solutions.
At C-level, David O has held a variety of positions and has been involved in the self employed and remote working sector for over 10 years, where he continues to advise in a non-exec capacity.  

David O is a people person and continues to provide all of his clients with a top level of hands on customer care and professionalism.

David is married to Naomi, they have six amazing children who along with their dog Reggie completes his big family. His hobbies include travelling, spending time with his family, lovely long walks with Reggie, watching his football team Spurs and he considers himself a bit of a film buff.